What's Christmas all about?

As we enjoy all the shopping, the presents, the fine food and drink, the decorations and everything that makes a good Christmas, we sometimes forget that CHRISTmas is really all about Jesus Christ!

It began in Bethlehem on a night when God’s Son was born as a human child.  Heaven and Earth rejoiced together, angels were seen by shepherds and a brand new star emerged in the sky - all confirming the promise that God had made years before to send His own Son.

Jesus Christ grew up with his younger brothers and sisters as a simple Jewish boy, the son of a skilled carpenter.  He learned the Jewish law and traditions before probably working alongside His father and learning his honourable trade.  However, it quickly became apparent that He was very different. 

At about the age of 30, Jesus was baptised and God confirmed that He was His Son by the Holy Spirit descending onto Him while a voice said for all to hear; “This is My much loved Son ...”

Jesus spent forty days and nights in the wilderness, fasting and praying, after which He spent three years demonstrating by His powerful words and by many miraculous deeds that He truly was (and is) the Son of God.

Following a pre-arranged plan, Jesus then died to take away the sin that separated people from God and rose again to open a way for us to know His Father.  After appearing many times to His followers, He returned to Heaven.

Jesus promises that anyone who follows Him can have new life, without being separated from God - and that’s what Christians experience today!  That’s what we are celebrating this CHRISTmas.  What about you?