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“… When you ask God for something and it happens, don’t look for 'coincidences' or 'reasons' – say “Thank You” and move on …”

Claremont church

Claremont House has been the home of CHURCH@Claremont since 1982.  During that time the building, originally built in the 1860's as Claremont Baptist Church, has been completely refurbished to modern standards of comfort and safety.  Gone  are the old pipe organ and the massive balcony, having been replaced by a comfortable main hall seating over 300 people and offices and function rooms at the St Georges Road level.  

At the Bark Street level the building features our Lower Hall, seating 150+, a café and kitchen, two studio areas and it's own independent washroom facilities.

Throughout the building a fire resistant structure with fire doors at every level and a modern alarm system ensures the maximum safety for those using our facilities.  The building is managed in accordance with the requirements of local planning and the relevant Health and Safety authorities.  Since the COVID pandemic we have also worked hard to ensure that we comply with all relevant Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation measures.

The building houses other organisations in addition to CHURCH@Claremont.  


A charity which believes that our Creator God made us to be creative and to enjoy Him through creativity.  Reaching out to those for whom creativity becomes therapeutic.

Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday CafeCreate is open to the public from 10am to 2pm, and is an ideal place to enjoy a coffee and a snack in a convivial, creative atmosphere, to try your hand at some arts and to browse the work of local artists and artisans.  CreateBolton also holds various workshops throughout the week - check out the details on their website.

CreateBoltones provide an opportunity for budding young musicians who may not otherwise be able to experience the thrill of making music, while various art, musical, pottery and photography courses are available all through the week in the café and studio areas  

Ambassadors Football: 

A Christian charity telling the gospel story through the medium of football, has its administrative headquarters in our office suite.

CT Images: 

A high quality professional photographic studio, operates from the studio at the Bark Street entrance.

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