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People's Church

"You are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple"  
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Welcome to CHURCH@Claremont

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Please accept this invitation to visit our main meeting every Sunday at 10:30.  You will be made welcome and we will be very pleased to help you with any needs or questions.  As you would expect, we are making every effort to keep our visitors safe and secure.

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Church members

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It's All About People!

Many of our church members will be pleased to tell you how their lives have radically changed since they made a decision to follow Jesus Christ.  Several are available to listen to on our 'Life Stories' page and you can frequently hear new ones during our meetings.  Here are just a few examples:

  • The person who knew from an early age that he was good for nothing - but found fulfilment and success when he allowed Jesus Christ to lead him.
  • The woman who truly believed that she was stupid and inadequate, because her parents told her so as a child, who is now highly regarded by all who know her.
  • The person with an incurable drinking habit who was set free in an instant by Jesus Christ and no longer needs or craves alcohol.
  • The businessman who sold out to Christ and found that he can be successful without resorting to dishonesty or 'smart' accounting.
  • The singer / songwriter who loves to sing for Jesus first.
  • The man who was always very focused on wealth and possessions, but has become generous and giving since he chose to join God's team.
  • The lady who was healed in her own home when she claimed healing by the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • A church member suffered symptoms of a heart attack.  As no ambulance was immediately available, friends went to take him to hospital but before he could be put into the car, he collapsed, lost consciousness and stopped breathing.  Church members prayed and carried out CPR.  Suddenly the whole situation changed and he became responsive again.  Both he and the friend carrying out the CPR were convinced that God had healed him.  On arrival at the hospital, his blood tests confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack but baffled doctors could find nothing else wrong with him.  They kept him in for a period of observation before releasing him to tell the story at our meeting on 2 January 2022 - thanking God for his extended life!

" … when you see people praying and prayers being answered week after week, it makes you think. 

Church for Children

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As church returned to normal after the COVID restrictions, our Young People's Church is becoming even more active than before. 

Most weeks we manage a period of children's worship during the main meeting as well as a special time of teaching for the children during the message.       Kids worship art        Creative 2

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Is God Speaking to Me?

You can be sure that He is - but are you hearing Him?

History, as told in the bible, is all about God's dealings with mankind - His much-loved creation.  He desperately wants to have a relationship with every one of us - but, so often, we reject Him - sometimes without even being aware of it.  

God gave us the bible as one of His main ways of communicating with us.  (I often think of it as a manufacturers handbook for a complex piece of equipment, like a new car).  We have the choice - to read the bible and live our lives according to His plan - or to ignore the handbook and hope for the best.  I, and many others in this church, have chosen to allow Jesus Christ to lead us, by reading the bible, praying and obeying what He is telling us.

There are many other ways that He tries to get our attention and to lead us.  We would love to take time to help you to understand how to hear from God and what it means to follow His Son, Jesus Christ.  Please ask us to help - the church has people who will be pleased to help and pray with you as you try to understand what God is saying to you.  

English lessons

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The New Normal

Although the law concerning COVID has been relaxed, we still want to treat every one with love and respect.  We continue to provide free face coverings for everyone who wishes to wear one.  We have hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes available at several locations and encourage you to use them often.  Ventilation in our large building is not a problem, but we usually keep several of the doors open when people are present.

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Songs From the Word of God

It has always been a mark of the church that we love to sing to our Lord, and now we are pleased to share these songs written and performed for the glory of God.  If you would like to hear more of Claremont's own brand of Christian music, try our "Listen to Music" page, where you will find a selection of various styles of original music.

Enjoy this sample!

These songs are subject to copyright, but it is our pleasure to allow them to be played freely and used for Christian worship without charge.  Please let us know if you enjoy them.

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