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We believe that music is a gift from God, given for the benefit of His Church worldwide. We are pleased to offer some of the music produced by church members and friends.  Most files are in the .mp3 format and may be streamed or downloaded from this site.  Although much of our music is copyrighted to Claremont Music and others, we are perfectly happy for you to download these songs and use them freely in your worship settings or for your personal pleasure without seeking further permission.  If you need a higher quality copy or a written copy of the lyrics; if you wish to record, sell or change the songs in any way you should seek our written permission from the church office first.

Ron Lowton, our most prolific song-writer, now has his own web site at  He is presently building up his repertoire there.

How Can These Things Be

Our new CD "How Can These Things Be" is available to buy from the church office (in person or by email / mail at £10 per CD).  It's well worth it!

How can these things be

Anthem of Praise

by The Claremont Musicians and Singers


In the 1980's the church singers and musicians wrote a great deal of scripture based prophetic songs inspired by the Holy Spirit and produced, performed, recorded and mastered by church members.  Anthem of Praise was probably the most popular, with a large choir backing superb soloists.  It toured the country, with performances in several towns and cities.

Recently some of the original musicians have got together to revisit this musical, which is as timeless as the scripture on which it was based.  Re-mastered tracks are available freely on the web site, unfortunately, for technical reasons, in lower quality than the originals.  However, the remastered albums are now available as high quality CDs from the church office for the very reasonable price of £5.  

Please follow this link to listen to Anthem.

Further on up the road

by Claremont Musicians and Singers

Cover image from FOUTRA compilation of some of the best of the Claremont songs, remastered and sung by Ron Lowton with the support of the original choirs.  If you like our very special genre of Christian music, you shouldn't miss this album.

Please follow this link to listen to "Further On Up the Road"

Your Life In Me

by Madeleine Faith

Maddy at keyboard

A talented artist, singer and musician who has led worship at Claremont from time to time.  Madeleine is based in the North-West of England, where she recorded the album "Your Life in Me", from which these three tracks have been taken.  Please follow this link to hear full versions of three of the tracks - or to purchase an album if you wish to hear the rest. 

Geoff Irwin


Geoff is a Bolton-based singer-songwriter who simply loves to worship God and to sing for his Lord Jesus.  As a regular church member, he solos in the church from time to time and he can be heard performing in local restaurants and care homes.  Here Geoff performs a number of familiar tunes set with his own words and accompaniment.

Please follow this link