Claremont Church is a family-friendly church seeking to create a community where everyone is loved, accepted and valued.


This is a church which welcomes everyone, from the oldest to the youngest; from committed believers to those who are just starting out on a journey of discovery.  Everyone is invited to belong and to be a part of the life of the church in their own way.

We firmly believe that allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide our lives is so radical that Jesus Himself called it being born again.  It’s not just theory – most members will gladly tell you of the change that following Jesus Christ has made in their own lives.


We are not religious; we are real people who have found relationship with God through Jesus Christ rather than through religion or traditions.


To assist those who require hearing assistance, we have installed a hearing loop in the main hall.  For those whose mobility is reduced, we have lifts to the main floors.


Claremont Church is linked with Global Horizons (  and Ground Level Network ( – relational networks of churches that choose to work together for the increase of the Kingdom throughout the world.