Leaders at Claremont church Bolton

  Steve and Lesley Powell

Steve and Lesley together head up the overall ministry of the church and carry it’s vision.
“Our passion is to see people find Jesus as their Lord, Saviour and  Friend and to see them grow and mature into effective and useful members of His church, enabling them to have a positive impact on their family, friends, neighbours and the town of Bolton.” 
We believe Jesus came that people can have Life… and live it to the full!
 Church at Claremont


Kevan Davies

Kevan Davies oversees the  Pastoral Team, responsible for ensuring that church members receive all the pastoral support that they need.  He is also deeply involved with charity work both inside and outside the church.  
Kevan and his wife, Pauline, have 3 children and a number of grandchildren.  They have been part of the Church here at Claremont since the early days, more than 30 years ago. 
 Church at Claremont
Judith - leaders

Judith Rudd

Judith has a passion for prayer and personal development.  She brings her skills as an organizer and her ability to teach as she develops the church’s teaching ministry  and oversees our public prayer room.
 Church at Claremont

Tony McVey

Tony McVey

Tony is a singer and worship leader in the church and a Science teacher in a school in the Bolton area.  As the youngest member of the leadership team, he brings a freshness.  Tony and wife Tracey have two children of university age.
Tony says; “I feel humbled to have been asked to join the leadership team in the first place and I am seeking The Lord at all times to guide me into the areas he has gifted me in.  These are exciting times for our fellowship and I just want to serve in whatever way I can while I sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him just like Mary in Luke 10:41”.
Church at Claremont