Claremont House

Claremont House is an elegant building on the edge of Bolton Town Centre, on St Georges Road.  The church was built in 1869, as a Baptist Church, and was completely modernized beginning in 1982. We now enjoy first class facilities including access for those with disabilities.

We believe that “Church” is about people, not buildings, and we use this building as a tool to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ and to benefit the local community.  As well as CHURCH@Claremont, Potter’s House, Bolton, a dynamic community church, meets in the Upper Room every Wednesday evening and Shekinah Church, a lively church for the Hungarian and Romany communities, meets in our Lower Hall every Saturday evening.

In addition other organisations are accommodated within the building.  Look out for CreateBolton, who run CafeCreate every Friday and Saturday morning and lunch-time.  CreateBolton also have an art studio, featuring painting, pottery, music and other artistic disciplines.

A photographic studio (CT Images), a therapist (Dragonfly Consulting Therapy), and a sports mission (Ambassadors Football) are also included in our community.

Our Main Hall,  Lower Hall, Seminar Room, Upper Room and some classrooms are available for hire when we are not using them.  Check the Room hire@Claremont page.  For further details please email or call us during office hours.