To love God and to love people

sharing with them the life changing message of Jesus Christ



We see a maturing church, people whose lives are not governed by the pattern of this world , but are instead directed by the word of God and the person of the Holy Spirit. We see a church where each member is envisioned, equipped and empowered in order to engage effectively with the world.


We see a family in which every member serves each other in love and humility, and every member knows their great worth to God and the family. It is a family in which people of every age , class, ethnicity, and life experience find a home.

Effective testimony

We see a relevant and effective church, a bold and compassionate people who are a testimony to the reality of the kingdom of God here and now. We see this happening through each individual, small groups, and the church as a whole.


We see a church which demonstrates God’s heart for the poor, the Hurting and the spiritually lost, both locally and globally: a church which exhibits the Good News of Jesus Christ and who demonstrate His love toward each other.

Radical growth

We see a church that is alive, passionate for God and constantly changing and growing. We see a church which is increasingly radical in its praying, giving and worship of God, and in its obedience to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.