… I had been praying about this big concern I had.  During the service, someone read from the bible ‘Let the Peace of God rule in your heart‘.  It was as if God spoke directly to me and that situation suddenly became manageable – and I felt real peace about the situation …


Church@Claremont is an independent Christian Church which spreads the Good News that Jesus Christ came to offer  a relationship with the Living God.  This is available to everyone who will chose to follow Him, and opens up to us a new dimension in our lives – Spiritual Life – set free from the guilt of any wrong we may have done in the past and able to communicate freely with God.

We place a strong emphasis on the Bible being God’s Word and His foremost way of communicating with mankind; we encourage everyone to discover the grace and generosity of our loving God and we seek to demonstrate our love for God and for each other.

We meet every Sunday morning in Claremont House, in the centre of Bolton, and at other times and places as advertised.

Whether you are a believing Christian; someone who once followed Jesus Christ but fell away; are interested to find out more or even if you have “never wanted anything to do with religion“, you will find a warm welcome at this church!